Disorder Disorder: Ulterior Motives in Contemporary Art

When we first spoke with Joseph Allen Shea (Izrock Press and Monster Children Gallery) earlier this year, the mustachioed curator and sometime writer/photographer explained his affinity for the cultural backdoor thus: I get a lot more excitement out of things that have come from somewhere else or through the backdoor so to speak.

The backdoor being the divergent youth subcultures for which art is a byproduct of expression, not an allusion to sodomy or breaking and entering. For his latest exhibition, Disorder Disorder – Ulterior Motives in Contemporary Art, Jo faithfully adheres to this ethos by assembling an impressive array of artists birthed from the contemporary sub-cultures of skate, graffiti and surf.

The exhibition opens at the Penrith Regional Gallery in Sydney from August 14th till November 14th. Free shuttle buses will depart this Saturday the 14th from the Monster Children Gallery in Darlinghurst. If you need extra incentive (you don’t) there’s also a free talk by Stephen Powers on the day of the opening at St Mary’s Community Centre. Also, if you’re so inclined, the guys from The Blackmail have a fantastic interview with Jo on their website.

Artists included are: Jacob Ciocci (USA), French (UK), Tomoo Gokita (Japan), Mark Gonzales (USA), David Griggs (Australia), Misha Hollenbach (Australia), Brendan Huntley (Australia), Chris Johanson (USA), Anthony Lister (Australia), Stefan Marx (Germany), Marcus Oakley (UK), Mike Giant (USA), Conor O’Brien (Australia), Shannon Peel (DMOTE) (Australia), Stephen Powers (USA), Ricky Swallow (Australia), Ed Templeton (USA), Mark Whalen / Kill Pixie (Australia), Oscar Wright (Australia), Jonathan Zawada (Australia)

Image via Disorder Disorder Blog