Check out the art events and exhibitions happening around the country this week, which includes works by Apeseven, YONE, Ben Frost, Campbell Whyte, Luke Morrell, Shaun Freeman and a heap more.

What For exhibition ‘New Perth’ artist Campbell Whyte presents a large installation of paintings documenting a fictional, artist-led revolution through the streets of Perth, exploring the occupation of architectural spaces and destruction of contemporary values – a must-see experience for followers of contemporary art in WA. This exhibition sees the artist extend outside of his traditional painting practice to include wall works, drawings, prints and sculpture.
When Opens Saturday 25 September – 24 October.
Where Free Range Gallery – 339 Wellington St, Perth WA
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What ‘Creatures’ is another eclectic group show by the curatorial folks at the National Grid gallery featuring a collection of great artists that cover a range of mediums and styles.
When Opens Friday 24 September and runs til Oct 23rd.
Where National Grid Gallery – 24 Chard Road, Brookvale NSW
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What ‘Under The Vista’, a collection of photographs, video, altered images and sound by Shaun Freeman represents the visual expression of the artist’s own freedom and fear. An exploration of the concept of thought, and how it can be changed or persuaded to take a new direction. Accompanying the exhibition is a film, with music by Luke Gallen, which plays out Freeman’s concept of thought, and reveals more of how vulnerable changes are ‘Under The Vista’.
When Opens Friday 24 September until 26 September.
Where China Heights Gallery Level 3 – 16-28 Foster Street, Surry Hills NSW
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What Yasumasa ‘YONE’ Yonehara has the reputation as one of Japan’s most dynamic, influential photographers and mag editors in Japan. ‘Shake That Ass’ is an exhibition of YONE’s original photography and installations exploring his favourite themes: eroticism, continuity within discontinuity and the power of repetition.
When Opens Thursday 24 September until the 14th of October.
Where Backwoods Gallery – 25 Easey Street, Collingwood VIC
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What ‘Tokyo Tomorrow’ is the latest solo exhibition from Brisbane photographer and publisher Charlie Hillhouse, a collection of shots capturing the quiet, strange, smile-inducing fleeting real life moments.
When Opens Saturday 25 September and runs til 18 October.
Where Queensland Centre for Photography – Corner of Cordelia & Russell St, South Brisbane QLD
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What For his latest show, ‘Art Of Noise’, Ben Frost continues to explore several of his favourite themes including his love/hate relationship with the visual signifiers of consumerism that we are bombarded with every day – logos, slogans, characters and motifs. The logos and characters are overlaid and juxtaposed in these works to create linear dialogues – (snow white interacts with Ren and Stimpy, Batman punches small children, and the heavy metal band Slipknot’s logo sits below Subway fast food text).
When Opens Thursday 23 September and runs in tandem with James Jirat Patradoon’s HEARTACHES until October 23.
Where Boutwell Draper Gallery – 82-84 George Street, Redfern NSW
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What ‘Heartaches’, the latest collection of works by Sydney-based artist and illustrator James, explores observations of pop constructions of masculinity and of self-representation – a sometimes bleak, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, but always insightful personal critique.
When Opens Thursday 23 September and runs in tandem with Ben Frost’s ART OF NOISE until October 23.
Where Boutwell Draper Gallery – 82-84 George Street, Redfern NSW
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If that doesn’t keep you busy enough, you should check out ‘Busted Parachute: Collector’s Box Set’ an excellent new hardcover book by artist SICKBOY.

Sickboy on ‘Busted Parachute’:
“The aptly-named ‘Busted Parachute’ hardcover book celebrates the most defining moments from my last ten years of painting, travelling, solo exhibitions and generally freefalling through life. These amazing times and experiences, including photography projects with elusive photographer, Viktor Vauthier, and classic street actions from across the world, have now been bound in a glorious limited edition book for collectors to enjoy. In fact, this book release grew into something so special, I decided to work with P.O.W to create a collector’s box set which includes the book and limited edition screen-prints.
Check his website for purchase details.

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Main image of Sickboy with artwork by Sickboy