Discover NSW Vouchers Expire Tomorrow But There’s Still Loads Of Fkn Great Ways To Use Them

Did you use your Dine NSW vouchers in the space of approximately four days while your Discover NSW vouchers have been languishing sadly on your Service NSW app like lost puppies?

If that’s you, you’re not alone — as of this week twelve million Dine and Discover vouchers were unused according to the ABC.

But alas, the vouchers do expire at midnight on Thursday June 30.

Don’t break out into a cold sweat just yet though. If you don’t have time to scoot on down to the cinemas tomorrow it turns out there are loads of places where you can use your Discover NSW vouchers for e-tickets and the like.

Use your vouchers for advance movie tickets

Nothing at the cinema tickling your fancy? Not keen on sweaty scenes of Miles Teller and Austin Butler in Top Gun: Maverick and Elvis respectively? Holding out desperately for Minions: The Rise Of Gru but can’t get to the cinema tomorrow to see it? Well that’s okay my friends.

HOYTS is letting you use your Discover vouchers to buy an e-voucher, which last for three years if you’re really picky in your film selections. Huge news for 2023 Barbie movie enthusiasts.

There’s the Unrestricted e-voucher which cops you two tickets for $25. You can also score a LUX e-voucher, which is one ticket for a HOYTS LUX showing. Wear a bowtie, go on.

According to 7News, other cinema chains will let you use the Discover NSW vouchers to book tickets to future listed film sessions. That includes both Event Cinemas and Palace so you can see Minions: The Rise of Gru at your leisure.

Spend your Discover NSW voucher on a grand old time

RedBalloon is offering a whole load of activities you can pop your Discover vouchers towards.

You could hop onto a Sydney Harbour sightseeing cruise, head over to an alpaca meet and greet or use it towards a trip to Katoomba’s Scenic World in the Blue Mountains. There are absolute buckets of potential voucher spending opportunities — if you get in ASAP.

“We offer a five year validity for all experiences purchased, which means you can put your vouchers towards an activity or dining experience and not have to worry about claiming it by the June 30 cut off!” said RedBalloon’s brand manager Timothy Harrison.

Many thanks Tim.

Donate your Discover NSW voucher to someone else

If none of those options are appealing to you, there’s actually another way you can make your Discover NSW voucher count.

There are loads of organisations and groups who’re accepting Discover NSW vouchers and paying them forward.

For example, Ngalaya Indigenous Corporation is taking Discover Voucher vouchers as donations to a free ticket pool for its Ngalaya Ball. The free ticket pool will be open to Indigenous community members and law students and it’s an absolutely excellent way to donate your voucher.

The Australian Reptile Park, Oakvale Wildlife Park and Symbio Wildife Park are participating in a scheme called Pay Discover Forward. All three parks are partnering with different children’s charities.

When you donate your Discover NSW voucher, it’ll go towards one of the participating children’s charities working with each park. That charity will receive two entry tickets to the wildlife park for each voucher.

It turns out there are tons of ways you can use your Discover NSW to spread some actual good ‘cos loads of orgs are open for donations.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my youth, it’s to never let free money go to waste. Hop to it now!