FYI: You Can Donate Your Unused Dine & Discover Vouchers To Charity Before The Month’s Over

dine & discover charity nsw

Although the NSW Dine & Discover vouchers have been extended until June next year, it might be quite some time until we actually get to use them out in the open, so here’s your casual reminder that you can actually donate your $25 voucher to charity! How cool!

Yep, if you have a spare Dine & Discover voucher lying around inside your Service NSW app, you can actually ‘pay it forward’ to a select group of charities or businesses that give to charities, and you can make a difference with your moolah.

A simple google of ‘Dine & Discover charity’ will show you all of your exciting options, but some of them end really fkn soon, such as the pay it forward incentives run by some of Australia’s zoos.

Symbio Wildlife Park and Australian Reptile Park are the two main zoos leading the charge in the Dine & Discover pay it forward field, and they are both closing donations at the end of August 2021, which by my calculations is only six days away.

In the instance of both zoos, all you do is donate your $25 Dine & Discover voucher away, and they’ll gift a double zoo pass to one of their five children’s charity partners (the charities differ for both zoos). So it’s basically like a random gift of kindness to kids in need, which is unreal, and the double-pass tickets are valued at $78, so you can’t deny the bargain here.

As of last month, Symbio Wildlife Park’s Marketing Manager Kevin Fallon announced that there had been 14,800 donations so far, with a goal to reach much more by the end of this month.

“It is an amazing response. It has surpassed all my expectations,” he told the Illawarra Mercury. 

“The community has taken ownership of it as well. And the charities have helped spread the word.

“It all shows how one random act of kindness at a time can really make a difference. In this case, everyone has done one and it is making such a positive change on a scale that is absolutely incredible. So many children are going to benefit from this.”

So yeah, if you have no bloomin’ idea on what to do with your Dine & Discover, why not donate them while you still can?