Get A Load Of This Huge Wang-Shaped Skate Park An Adelaide Council Is Considering Erecting

dick skate park

An Adelaide council has come under fire after they released plans for a new skate park that looks exactly like a giant dick.

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The Tea Tree Gully Council shared a series of images of the proposed skate park upgrade project to social media today, asking local residents to share their opinions on the new design, 7 News reports.

“We need your feedback on final concepts for the Bentley Reserve skate park redesign,” the Facebook post read.

However, the council got a little more than they bargained for when Facebook users quickly pointed out that the extensive skate park remodel looks eerily similar to a huge schlong.

Almost immediately, the post was inundated with dozens of comments likening the bowl’s shape to, well, a penis.

Obviously the council removed the image immediately and replaced it with a much less offensive photo.

“AWKWARD! We’re feeling a little red faced here after posting our skate park design,” Tea Tree Gully City Council commented on the post.

“In response to feedback, we’ve changed the photo to one that more accurately reflects what people might expect to see from ground level,” it said.

The post has amassed 72 comments and 9 shares in two hours, with a large majority of the commenters pointing out the humour of the one-balled dick park.

However, other commenters were quick to point out that the skate park has always looked like a dick, and this is an upgrade from the sad looking dick-ramp that’s currently on display.

Tea Tree Gully City Council is currently trying to choose between two possible skate park designs. One looks like a fun skate park for kids, the other looks like a giant raging cock. You can view the options and cast your vote here.

“We would hate to set up false expectations – too much pressure for a skate park,” the post read.”We thank the clever people of our community for their ‘helpful’ suggestions.”

The local skate park is an integral part of the Tea Tree Gully community, with 58% of locals voting to upgrade the facility in a recent council.

You can expect to see the upgraded dick skate park up and running sometime in the 2020-2021 financial year.