Justin Bieber Whipped His Deck Out For A Skate Around Perth Today

Huge news if you’re in Perth and someone who cares about this sort of thing: Justin Bieber is strutting his magnificently cut body all around your beautiful town.
The singer’s in the city for a show and is taking the opportunity to cruise around and soak up the weather.
If I was a rich-ass celebrity, I would probably fight jet lag with huge amounts of very expensive and highly illegal uppers, but Justin apparently took the more wholesome route and decided to do it with exercise:

He also took the time to chat to some fans, who were understandably pretty overwhelmed at meeting one of the world’s most famous dudes in a park:

The Biebs also had himself a skate at Leederville skate park, seemingly very intent on getting the most out of whatever entertainment the local council can provide:

He’s performing in Perth this evening, but it’s far too late to get tickets so I am not going to give you any details about time or place.
Photo: Twitter / @justinbie8er94