A Melb Council Tried To Enforce Social Distancing By Filling Skate Parks With Wood Chips

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

In a move that one might describe as… interesting, a Melbourne council has begun filling in skate parks with sand and tan bark in a bid to deter punters from congregating around the areas. Ah yeah… that’ll do it.

Following a request from Victoria police, Bayside Council is filling in 4 skate parks – Beaumaris’ Donald MacDonald Reserve, Highett’s Peterson Reserve, Sandringham’s Royal Avenue Reserve and Elsternwick Park.

“The skate parks are closed in line with Victoria Government Stage 3 restrictions,” the council said in an online statement. “Unfortunately skateboarders are continuing to visit and congregate in contravention of these restrictions and Victoria Police have requested Council’s immediate action.”

“While we acknowledge the importance of physical exercise during the COVID-19 lock down, our first priority is the health and safety of our community.”

The move has been described as futile by some, as it obviously won’t stop people from skating.

“It just moves them to other spots,” one Twitter user commented.

“I only just swept the sticks up recently there!!” said another. (Sorry to hear, pal.)

The council have said it’ll move the stuff once restrictions are eased. That’s if people don’t move it themselves.