Ever since the world went more or less completely topsy turvy back around 2016, there’s been an intoxicating sense that anything can happen in global politics, no matter the absurdity. But even that simple maxim leaves room for surprise, like when a United States candidate for Congress, who has already been accused of aligning with white supremacists, is exposed as an alleged lover of Bigfoot erotica.

“Excuse me?” you might well ask. “Huh?” you might also say. The Republican candidate in question is Denver Riggleman, who is running in Virginia‘s 5th district against former TV journalist Leslie Cockburn, who just so happens to be Olivia Wilde‘s mum.

Cockburn posted this… interesting tweet this morning, featuring a screenshot of Riggleman’s now-locked Instagram account.

Yes, that is a big ol’ censored Bigfoot dong from Mr Riggleman, and a tantalising caption promising a book named The Mating Habits of Bigfoot. Here’s another post from Cockburn, which is even weirder:

And though it’s the first time Cockburn – or probably anyone else, in history – has explicitly made opposing Bigfoot porn a key plank of her election campaign, she’s not the first person to point out Riggleman’s interesting fixation. Over at The Cook Political Report, journo David Wasserman indicated the whole Bigfoot side-issue back on July 27:

However, the most curious element of Riggleman’s background may be a recently-deleted Facebook author page appearing to promote a self-published book titled “The Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him.”

At least one Republican attributes Riggleman’s literary musings to his offbeat sense of humor. After all, his Instagram account profile reads: “Own a distillery, consult on DoD matters and had a fun run for Governor. Love whiskey, hate tyranny and embrace liberty. Whiskey Rebellion always!” But that account, since set to private, was once peppered with images of what can only be described as Bigfoot-themed erotic art.

I mean, quite frankly it’s nobody’s business what kind of erotica elected officials or indeed anyone enjoys. If you like whacking it to nude drawings of Yetis, abominable snowmen or any other genera of mythical ape creature, that’s between you and God – nobody has a right to judge. It’s definitely an intriguing subject of a book, though. It is, right?

And look, if you’re of the belief that being horny for Bigfoot isn’t disqualifying, it doesn’t mean Riggleman has earned your support.  He’s been accused by local progressive groups of campaigning with self-avowed white supremacist Isaac Smith and an assortment of racist, neo-Confederate groups. Perhaps seeing that backlash, he published an op-ed this morning condemning white supremacists.

That Bigfoot thing though. What.