Danny Green KOs “Maggot” Coward Punchers In Viral Post After QLD Teen Dies

Professional fighters have a better handle than most on what it means to take a punch. Moreso, they know a hell of a lot more about what it means to throw one. 

That’s why Cole Miller’s utterly senseless death after a single punch has resonated so deeply with Danny Green.

The former light heavyweight champion, who serves as the battle-hardened face of New South Wales‘A Coward’s Punch Can Kill’ campaign, posted on Facebook calling out the “mindblowingly gutless” actions of the men accused of Miller’s death.

PLEASE look at the red logo middle right of screen. ‘Stop the Cowards Punch’ is the logo of my anti-violence…

Posted by Danny Green on Sunday, 3 January 2016

The post has already racked nearly 10,000 shares on the social media platform, but it’s heartbreaking the message has gotten so much traction in the wake of a coward punch attack. 

Previously, Green had also duked it out with the supposed developed of the ‘Tinder for fighting’ app Rumblr, saying the app founders’ “flippant and poor judgment is helping the erosion of society with senseless violence… in an uncontrolled environment.”

Of course, the app turned out to be a hoax. Cole’s death is not. 

With any luck, Green’s work for the campaign will eventually become unnecessary.



Photo: Facebook.