Coward Punch Crusader Danny Green Shocked To Learn He Met Teen Victim

Boxing ledge and fierce ‘Stop The Coward’s Punch’ campaigner Danny Green recently wrote a fkn heartbreaking tribute to 18-year-old one-punch victim Cole Miller that went viral.

PLEASE look at the red logo middle right of screen. ‘Stop the Cowards Punch’ is the logo of my anti-violence…

Posted by Danny Green on Sunday, 3 January 2016

Danny’s post – which, at the time of writing, had almost 30,000 shares – reached the eyes of Cole’s grieving father Steven Miller.
And, in a weird twist of fate, it turns out that Danny and Cole actually met a few years earlier, at a water polo tournament in Perth.
They even got a pic together:
Steven passed the photo on Danny, who was shocked to learn he’d come face-to-face with the teen, who died from massive head trauma on Monday night after alleged attackers Armstrong Renata and Daniel Jermaine Lee Maxwell, both 21, struck him in the head outside a Brisbane nightclub.
“I remember Cole was a young kid so full of vitality,” Danny told The Courier Mail. “Cole’s father sent me the photo yesterday and said, ‘Look at this mate’. He was grieving badly but he said, ‘I thought you’d like to see it’. He was incredible. He was thanking me for supporting the campaign against this type of violence when he’d just lost his son.”

Cole’s best friend Roy Campbell also shared the photo on Facebook, with this touching tribute to his mate: 

Not sure if Danny Green will ever see this, but Cole Miller actually met him while we were in Perth for a Water polo…

Posted by Roy Campbell on Monday, January 4, 2016

Cole’s alleged attackers have been charged with unlawful striking causing death, which was introduced to Queensland law in 2014 to fill the gap where the prosecution can’t prove an offender intended to kill, and carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.
They faced Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday, and will be appearing in court separately in the coming weeks.
Danny is calling for people guilty of this type of violence to be convicted of ‘coward punches’. 

“The media is now starting to use ‘coward’s punch’ as a term and people have stopped using ‘king hit’ because it glorifies the punch,” he’s said.“I want the vernacular in the legislation changed to ‘coward’s punch’. The person has been charged with a ‘coward’s punch’ assault.”

Story: Courier Mail / Brisbane Times.
Photo: Roy Campbell / Facebook.