Daniel Radcliffe Just Destroyed Tom Brady Like He Was The Last Horcrux

I mean, you’d think that Daniel Radcliffe, being a British actor, would neither know nor care who American athlete Tom Brady is but apparently he does and has a very strong opinion on his political stance.

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The IRL Harry Potter slammed the footy player during an interview at Sundance, of all places.

Variety asked the actor who he’d be rooting for at the Super Bowl and he responded: “Rams. Cause like the whole world is rooting against the Patriots…sorry.”

Radcliffe was then asked if he thought Tom Brady should retire, to which he responded:

“He should stop winning things. Take that MAGA hat out of your locker. I feel like that was the moment when as a country we were all like ‘Come on, dude! You’re awesome…Don’t put that in here.’ So Rams. I don’t know if they’re going to win but I want them to.”

Oooh boi, y’all better prep yourselves for the Battle of Hogwarts 2.0, me thinks.

Brady has famously been a Donald Trump stan since 2002 when he was a judge at a Trump beauty pageant.

Insiders told PEOPLE that Brady and Trump were longtime buddies on the golf course from before Trump ever announced he would seek the presidency.

“Am I going to vote for him? That’s a good question,” Brady said of Trump in September 2015, Boston.com reports.

“He’s a good friend and we’ve had a lot of time on the golf course together over the years. … It’s pretty amazing what he’s been able to accomplish as an entrepreneur, and then really as a television star, and now running for political office.”