Meet The Two Teams For The 2019 Puppy Bowl, The Best Game Of The Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, sports fans. No, I don’t mean the annual clash of the New England Patriots Tom Brady vs. The Other Team in the NFL Super Bowl, I mean the yearly Puppy Bowl. It’s here! It’s the good time!

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Now in its 15th year, the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl XV has brought adoptable pooches to the big stage, and whether you’re Team Ruff or Team Fluff, honestly we’re all winners purely for the privilege of being able to watch a bunch of sweet baby angels wrestling around while the refs (who are usually other animals like a sloth named Shirley and a human named Dan Schachner) try and hand out penalties for prematurely watering the field (peeing), paws interference (pass interference), or pancaking (lying on the grass during play.)

Without further ado, your 2019 team lists are here, so you may side with a team and cheer them to canine victory.

First cabs off the rank we have Team Ruff, who will be competing in yellow bandanas. In the history of the Puppy Bowl being split into two teams (so, since 2015), Team Ruff have won half of their games. Puppy Bowl XV could be anyones!

Some big players there in Team Ruff, including a contingency from Puerto Rico. Let’s see what Team Fluff has to offer for Puppy Bowl XV.

This year’s inclusions from Team Fluff really show the spectrum of puppies looking for a forever home out there, including sweet Will from Texas who is missing a leg (and is impossibly adorable with his little prosthetic) and Moonshine, a returning pup from Idaho who is both deaf and blind. I cannot deal with these poochies AT ALL.

So it remains to be seen whether Brady from Connecticut can work magic like New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, and bring Team Fluff to victory (and maybe even picking up the Puppy Bowl XV Most Valuable Pup in the process), or will it be Shy Boy who finds his courage and bring it home for Team Ruff?

Oh, and if you need a refresher on the chaos of the Puppy Bowl, check out the 2018 game highlights below.

Puppy Bowl XV is going down on SundayFebruary 3rd opposite the Super Bowl, so it’ll likely hit us sometime on Monday Feb 4. Carn you Fluffies!