Details On The Annual ‘Puppy Bowl’ Have Dropped, And It Looks Glorious

There’s a lot of things to look forward to for the upcoming, February 1 Super Bowl: Katy Perry playing the half time show, watching the latest instalment of Aubrey Plaza’s perfect ad, finding out if Team Australia has won the legendary Doritos competition, and if it’s really your thang, watching the game itself. “Slam dunk” and, “nice outfit ref it is a shame about your decision making” are things I’ll be saying, come next week.

But if we’re being real, the only reason to freak the hell out is for THE PUPPY BOWL, which is back and it’s only a thing that I found out existed today because I have reverse google alerts (nb: not a thing) on American football so I am weeping

The Puppy Bowl, staged by Animal Planet and being exactly as it sounds — cute as sin puppies fighting it out on the field — will be going down in the afternoon before the Super Bowl kicks off. Mashable reports that this year, aside from the game supporting an awesome cause — Operation “Get Puppies Adopted — the match will actually be scored this year, with mayhem going down between Team Ruff and Team Fluff. Another thing that simply cannot be dealt with: goat cheerleaders will reportedly be at the event.


You can see all the lil fellas on the Puppy Bowl website and create your own fantasy league here .

In the meantime, this is what the lineup looks like:

Those stupid baby faces are making me so bloody furious. Excuse me while I pull out my favourite Craig gifs from Parks and Recreation, seemingly created for this very moment. 

Watch the pregame action below.