Key & Peele Brought Back The ‘East West Bowl’ Sketch For The Super Bowl

Key & Peele might well be the most consistently funny sketch show currently on TV – and a strong argument could be made that they’re the best one for quite some time. Beyond the sketches themselves simply being profoundly funny, it’s the performances from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele that really sell things.

And that’s self-evident in their ability to have recurring sketches that, despite being essentially the same joke repeated, maintain the hilarity across multiple dips in the well.
Case in point, the East/West Bowl sketch, which lampoons NFL broadcasts that feature players with increasingly ridiculous sounding names introducing themselves in a talking head-style “Name, College” video inset.
With the Super Bowl approaching this coming Monday (Australian time), Key & Peele dug a third instalment of the sketch out for their upcoming Super Bowl special on Comedy Central. Fortunate we are though that they’ve thrown it up on the internet first.
The real kicker this time? The inclusion of actual NFL players with actual ridiculous names like Ha Ha Clinton Dix or D’Brickashaw Ferguson.

Three take away thoughts:
  • I think I’ve got a new all-time favourite in Splendiferous Finch. Move over, King Prince Chambermaid.
  • The increasingly incredible facial hair in this sketch is something to be marvelled at.
  • A. A. Ron Rodgers” nearly made me do a spit take. GO PACK GO!
And because reasons, let’s just enjoy the first two sketches.

The Key & Peele Super Bowl Special airs this coming Saturday Australian time.
Super Bowl XLIX takes place on Monday between the New England Patriots and the (sigh) Seattle Seahawks.