Rick & Morty Return Briefly In A Very Meta Super Bowl Ad For Pringles, I Think

It’s Super Bowl season, which is also Super Bowl ad season; when the most insane adverts begin coming out of the US, each vying for those precious eyeballs between moments in play at the biggest NFL game and American sports event on the calendar. Brands have mere moments to get – and keep – your attention, so it’s usually top-dollar productions filled with big-name celebs piffing products that are somewhat adjacent to their lives. And then there’s this Rick & Morty one, which I think is promoting Pringles?

[jwplayer YndEBdpg]

The short 30-second clip starts with Rick and Summer watching a very robotic Pringles ad on their TV, encouraging people to stack different flavoured chippies (which is kinda genius, actually). While they’re talking shit on the fact the actors probably didn’t get paid, Morty wanders in stacking his own Pringles chips.

And, in true Rick & Morty fashion, things get wildly out of hand really quickly. The official Super Bowl ad ends with an insane amount of robot Mortys all shilling for Big Pringle, because of course it does.

There’s really not much else to it apart from the fact that its meta as all hell and I’m still not too sure if I want to eat Pringles after watching it. Though I’d try the different-flavour stack thing, so maybe it has worked?

Check out the Super Bowl ad below, and tell me it doesn’t remind you of the Total Rickall episode with the parasite that creates fake memories and ridiculous characters.