Pringles Are Coming Out With Pickle Rick Chips & They Honestly Look Wubba Lubba Yum Yum

If you’re a true Rick & Morty fan, you remember the szechuan Macca’s sauce fiasco. Now, the Adult Swim tv show we all know and love is teaming up with another food brand for a delectable, show-related snack – Pringles.

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Yep, your favourite temporary star Pickle Rick is getting his own flavour of chippie – which also means pickle chips are on their way, even if you DGAF about Rick & Morty.

Pickle Rick Pringles are launching next year, in February – coinciding with the Superbowl.

It gets even better – to launch the new pickle chips, there will be a 30-second-long TV spot created by Adult Swim – meaning a FUNNY ad we’ll actually enjoy. More Rick & Morty, kind of!

Want ’em? They’re official launch date is the 2nd February 2020, in America – no word on whether Pringles will drop them in Australia too as yet, but given the show’s popularity and more importantly, Pickle RICK’s popularity, it’s likely they’ll land on our shores.