Pop Yr Peepers On The Adorable Aussie Cheerleaders At Puppy Bowl XV

Arguably the most adorable games happening in the world today are the Puppy Bowl XV, the Kitten Bowl, and the Dog Bowl (for those older rescue pups to get out on the field), and every year there are a few extra adorable friends who step up to the big stage.

Over the years the cheerleaders have ranged from chickens to hedgehogs to baby bunnies, and for this year’s Puppy Bowl XV, the official cheerleaders are representing our fine sunburnt country.

[jwplayer TVbs9RlS]

Please remain calm but the precious lil hype team are freakin’ BABY KANGAROOS. This is the best day EVER.

Look at this precious angel! LOOK!!

I just…I cannot deal with these tiny babies. They’re too precious. Replace Joe Hockey with these perfect hoppy angels for our ambassador in the US, immediately.

Everyone’s kinda losing their shit about it, understandably. I mean, how can you not? How can you look at this lil’ face and not melt into a screaming pile of Alex Mack goo?

The kangaroos were not the only Aussies on show at Puppy Bowl XV, Robert Irwin found himself on the Kiss Cam, copping a big smooch from Stella the Pug.

The joey cheerleaders were announced a couple of days ago on Animal Planet’s Kitty Tailgate, check out the video below and take some crucial self-care time away from looking at Tom Brady‘s stroppy face.