Praise Be To Dan Andrews’ Heroic Auslan Interpreter, Who We Are Now Very Obsessed With

The work of all Auslan interpreters tasked with delivering crucial Government updates to deaf and hard of hearing people throughout the coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of superhuman, but one interpreter in particular who stands alongside Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is attracting the adoration of the masses not only for being a handsome King, but for inadvertently providing a pretty apt image of the general mood in the state this afternoon.

The unidentified interpreter has been a fixture alongside Andrews for a little while now, providing rather animated and impassioned signing at the Premier’s regular daily coronavirus press conferences.

Today, however, he managed to stand himself out from the pack by unintentionally capturing everyone’s feelings in one perfect, middle-fingered frame.

The old double-barrelled salute. Pretty apt for yet another record-breaking day of COVID-19 cases in the embattled state.

For the record, that particular sign was apparently signifying the word “lazy,” which is the cherry on top of this particularly relevant cake.

See? Lazy. That’s one way to sign that word in Auslan. The more you know.

UPDATE: We have also learned that it could’ve meant “available,” or “holiday,” depending on the context.

Of course the Stone Cold Steve Austin salute isn’t the only thing about the unidentified Auslan interpreter that’s captured social media’s attention. The fact that he is, well, fairly hot certainly isn’t lost on anyone, much less the thirsty punters of the internet.

Whoever this quiet adonis may be, we have simply no choice but to Stan at this point. Go off, you expressive King.