An Auslan Interpreter Signed F-Bombs Hurled At The WA Premier & We Stan A Meticulous Queen

The tireless work of Auslan interpreters throughout this whole pandemic mess cannot ever be overvalued, but even in that regard there’s a select handful that have clearly gone above and beyond in their duties. Like this absolute legend, who even managed to get in the passing heckles of an over-enthusiastic loose unit during a press conference with WA Premier Mark McGowan earlier today.

Giving a now-routine coronavirus update in Rockingham, Premier McGowan’s media stop was repeatedly interrupted by heckling from passing cars. So much so that the Auslan interpreter, knowing the conference was being beamed live, actually went all the way by interpreting the heckles themselves.

All of them.

Right down to the “fuckin’ love you buddy!” and the elongated “woooooo!

Everything about that is perfect. Poetry in motion. The brief pause to assess the new voice, the immediate leap into action, the unwavering commitment to interpreting *every* piece of speech being broadcast, the Arsenio Hall-like fist pump. It’s a beautiful moment.

Apropos of nothing, nominations for Australian of the Year close July 31st and the link to give someone the nod is right here. Just in case you were wondering.