This Auslan King Stole The Show From Kim Petras At WorldPride W/ Their Rendition Of Throat Goat

Kim Petras Auslan Interpreter Steals The Show

Unfortunately Sydney WorldPride has come to an end, but not without a ‘yuge iconic moment! No, we’re not talking about the erotic performance of Grammy winner Kim Petras, but the amazing efforts of her Auslan interpreter, Marc Ethan, who went all out for the horny AF tracks.

ICYMI in 2022, Kim Petras dropped an EP titled Slut Pop which was basically giving sex siren on steroids. Kim performed a plethora of horny tracks to celebrate the end of WorldPride, and with her performance came an Auslan interpreter who put their ALL into the banging tunes.

One of the most iconic moments from the Auslan interpreter was during the song “Throat Goat,” which is a track that discusses being good at sucking cock.

… The lyrics literally say, “I can take it all, love it big or small”, and let’s just say Marc did what had to be done with those bars.

From the huge sucking double grip motions to the head bopping — the interpretations done by this icon were truly everything.

AND NGL if I was on stage, I would be be threatened by this interpreter’s enthusiastic performance.

Another notable moment from the WorldPride finale set was when Kim performed “Coconuts,” which is a tune about boobies.

Just like “Throat Goat” the Auslan interpreter stole the show as they put their all into the performance and the girlies were living for the effort.

Just give Marc a raise already!!! He deserves it all.

The whole situation is very reminiscent of the 2023 Super bowl, where American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, Justina Miles, stole the show with her exceptional interpreter skills during Rihanna’s half-time performance.

Entertainers need to watch TF out because these interpreters are coming for you and your jobs!