Daily Tele Devotes Front Page To A+ Pun About Auburn Deputy Mayor

A week ago—simpler times, people, simpler times—the words “Salim“, “Aysha” and fuck-off wedding in Lidcombesimply did not exist on the national radar.

But now, a day before Mr and Mrs Mehajer inevitably celebrate their one-week anniversary with a tandem jet pack ride around the sun, the Sydney Morning Herald has genuinely asked if Auburn’s Deputy Mayor and his opulent wedding is a story that could provide a segue for the pair’s career in reality TV, and the part-legend, part-cruel hack behind News Corp‘s front page department has decided on a headline to END this story once and for all.

Today’s front page of the Daily Telegraph is devoted to *exposing* Salim’s shady past – involving a series of driving convictions, being found guilty for maliciously damaging property, and for two counts of possessing a police uniform.  

We’ll allow it. 

Not to be forgotten is this gem in the front page’s accompanying story, presented here as such: a photo taken on my phone of a photo of Salim Mehajer taking a photo on his phone of Telegraph journo Laura Banks taking a photo of Salim Mehajer on her phone. JOURNALISM.