Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer Wants To Be Prime Minister One Day

In his first television interview since the lavish wedding that shut down a street, Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer has revealed that he aspires to become Prime Minister one day. 
Given our country’s revolving door policy when it comes to the top job, we should all be a little bit afraid right now. 
Mehajer made the announcement to Nine News, standing at a lectern with his wife by his side, and addressing an in-no-way-weird press conference that consisted of one reporter. He said:
“I would like to start off by being in state, federal and I would like to make my way up to the very top spot. That would be my dream come true … If an opportunity knocks on my door I am always willing for a challenge.”
Mehajer also addressed the recent allegations that he threatened the family of Sydney siege survivor Joel Herat after an altercation at a gym, calling them “sheer evil and un-Australian.”
On the subject of his lavish wedding, Mehajer explained: “Not only did I show the world how a female should be treated but also it’s a lead up to my future brother-in-law’s. They got big shoes to fill in.”
Soak it all up: