Supreme Cockhead & Ex-Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer Is Now A Wedding Planner

Ya’ll remember that ultimate slime ball, dodgy-as-fuck, smarmy piece of shit Salim Mehajer, yeah?

The dude who got punted as Deputy Mayor of Auburn Council after an obnoxious wedding, running over two women in his Ferrari and breaching property investment rules?

The seedy bloke who had an AVO taken out against him by his wife and who later was caught on camera hurling obscene abuse towards her?

Yeah, that fuckhead now wants to plan your wedding.

Announcing his worst idea in a long string of just plain hideous ones on Instagram, Salim revealed his new company ‘Mehajer Wedding & Event Planning’ via some super appropriate branding in which towards the end of the logo, everything disintegrates and goes to shit:

The IG caption (verbatim) reads:

been over a year in the making, “thinking and planing” we, the Mehajer Family have decided to release our very own product line and service(s) of “Wedding & Event Planning”.

Whilst we are all very occupied with our day to day jobs, with our skill of creative, we make use of our education and passionate to this dream as we aims to take our hobby to the next level!

Far be it from us to imagine the kind of individual who’d want their wedding planned by an (alleged) wife abuser, but such is the insanity surrounding everything this garbage human touches we just don’t even know.

Mahajer’s most current legal woes are dealing with charges against him surrounding the alleged assault of a cabbie outside Star Casino, for which he fronts court later this month.

Seems like a real top fella to hire to plan your special day…