Auburn Deputy Mayor Faces Fresh Legal Strife Over Property Interests

Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer, who shot to fame after throwing the most lavish wedding Australia has seen since Scott and Charlene‘s nuptials, dared law enforcement to COME AT ME BRO and investigate him for any wrong-doing in the wake of the event. 
Investigate him they did, looking into everything from his closure of a street without the proper permits through to the gun he was seen waving around in one of his elaborate pre-wedding videos.
The Daily Tele even hit Peak Daily Tele with a front page that screamed “SALIM SHADY” and a story outlining his various past indiscretions and run-ins with the law.
Overnight, the embattled Mehajer learned he was facing fresh legal troubles, with News Corp reporting that the NSW Office of Local Government have brought action against him. 
Their action stems from allegations that, on at least three occasions, Mehajer voted on rezoning plans for apartment developments, without sufficiently disclosing his own property interests.
A source from the Office of Local Government told News Corp:
“It is alleged Mr Mehajer participated and voted on a matter at three meetings of council in which he had a pecuniary interest. The matter related to rezoning plans which would affect height and floor space ratios on lands he owned a property. While he made a special disclosure, he omitted to identify the relevant property.”
Mehajer maintains that there has been no wrongdoing on his behalf, and responded to News Corp via text, saying:
“Property disclosure/pecuniary interest forms are something that are always revised by my legal team and as such I take there [sic] professional opinion in disclosing as such. Everything that I do is done with the understanding that it is publicly accessible at all times, hence why I ensure correct procedures are undertaken to follow the specified rules/regulations.”
The matter will proceed with a hearing at the NSW Civil and Administration Tribunal on September 7. 
All of this could have been avoided with a simple goddamn beach wedding or something, but where’s the fun in that?
via Daily Telegraph
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