Fishermen Rescued By Cruise Ship After Spending 20 Days Stranded At Sea

Two fishermen have been rescued by a cruise ship after spending twenty days adrift at sea in the Caribbean.

James Van Fleet, the chief meteorologist for Royal Caribbean International, said that strong winds blew the fishermen away from their gear while they were sleeping. The men are as yet unidentified.

Van Fleet posted photos of the rescue, as well as a brief statement, to Twitter:

The fishermen, who are from Costa Rica, apparently had enough food and water on their boat to last seven days, after which they attempted to fish for their food. It is not immediately clear how they managed to survive once their water ran out.

According to a spokesperson for Royal Caribbean International, the rescue only happened because cruise ship Empress of the Seas changed course thanks to storms earlier in the week.

“Pure luck, lining of the stars, God, whatever you choose to believe, the facts are we would NOT have been in that area at the time had we not switched to go to Ocho Rios,” Van Fleet said.

The fishermen have been given medical attention since arriving in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. One of the men could not walk after being rescued, but has since recovered.

Pretty lucky, folks!