A SA Man Who Was Lost For Days At Sea Has Now Gone Missing Again Two Weeks Later

In truly astounding news, one of the fishermen who spent days lost at sea earlier this month has once again gotten himself into strife in the ocean, sparking a second search rescue effort for the missing SA man.

Barely two weeks after a five-day search for Goolwa man Tony Higgins in waters of the SA coast, authorities are now searching for the man again after he sent out a distress signal on Tuesday morning. He told police that his 10-metre-long wooden boat – that he had been living on for the last fortnight – was taking on water.

Local authorities and volunteers spent hours yesterday searching the area for potential signs of Higgins and his boat – known as The Margrel – extending late into the night, with the use of infrared equipment.

Rough conditions yesterday, including 50km/h winds and driving rain, forced local volunteers to stop their search rescue around the Encounter Bay area for the missing SA man. Search efforts have resumed again this morning, with the search rescue helicopter combing along the Coorong coastline and Victor Harbor area.

As per the ABC, debris that is believed to be from the missing SA boat was discovered early this morning, washed ashore near Goolwa. It was reported that a local fisherman alerted authorities to debris that had washed ashore overnight, which have been identified as being consistent with items Higgins had on the Margrel.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens told the ABC that though the authorities have an obligation to ensure the safety of Higgins, it was frustrating that another search had to be launched so soon after his last rescue.

“I think it’s fair to say there’s an element of frustration that the state’s resources are being dedicated to this for a second time,” he said.

“These efforts always come at a cost to the community, but we have an obligation to ensure the safety of everybody and we’ll be doing that today.”

At the time of writing, neither Higgins nor his boat has been located by the search rescue efforts.