Croc Vs Shark Debate Settled Once And For All In NT Battle

The age old debate that has been plaguing man for centuries has finally been answered, you guys. Next time you lull into a drunken conversation that takes a turn for the “Who would win in a fight between a crocodile and a shark” question, ready your answers and shove this cold-hard proof to any naysayer who thinks a great white shark has anything on the largest reptile on the planet. 

Pedestrian favourite NT News has reported via a stunning tourist snap that in the fierce competition, crocodiles emerge victorious, hands down. The title image above was seen on the NT News front page, titled, “Clash Of The Titans”. The closure this brings feels so secure.
British tourist Peter Jones took the history-defining photo on a tour boat in the Northern Territory, witnessing the smack down take place. Describing the sizes of the beasts as technically as he could, Jones said, “Big, springs to mind, even bloody huge or perhaps enormous. Our guide referred to both the croc and shark as being ‘very big’.”

According to, Jones reports that the crocodile happily swum off with its “prize”, not allowing the boat to come any closer to its precious. Jones also lamented on the shark who clearly made the biggest rookie mistake in the battle, and no biggie but he’s actually seen Sharknado so he knows how these things work IRL: “Clearly the sharks mistake was venturing onto land. That would have put him at a distinct disadvantage. I’ve seen “Sharknado” so I know what I’m talking about.” 

But like Sharknado has taught us, Great Whites still win the Shark Vs Human debate, unless you have an electric chainsaw at the ready:
Title image by Peter Jones via NT News.