This NT News Column On Marriage Equality Pretty Much Says It All, Really

So the deeply unnecessary, insulting and poorly-thought-out postal survey on marriage equality has finally started appearing in the letterboxes of Australia.

The debate rages on, with ‘No’ campaigners attempting to muddy the waters with hysterical babbling about mandatory sex play in primary schools and forty bajillion new genders that the government will introduce should Australians be allowed to marry people of the same sex, and the ‘Yes’ campaign doing wonderful things like this particular column.

Appearing in the nation’s finest newspaper, the NT News (who have brought us a string of greatest hits including the bloke who shoved a cracker up his clacker), the column is by journalist and head of news at the NT News, Jill Poulson.

It features an image of rainbow hands holding one another, and the copy consists, in its entirety, of two paragraphs:

Voting papers have started to drop through Territory mailboxes for the marriage equality postal vote and I wanted to share with you a list of why I’ll be voting yes.

1. I’m not an arsehole.

We can talk about the pros and cons of marriage equality ’til we’re blue in the face, but Poulson’s brief, bold missive really says all we need to.

The response has been, unsurprisingly, considerable.

Bloody onya, Territorians. Never change.