Here is a cool fun tip for celebs who are being interviewed: do not flirt with or accuse the people interviewing you of being attracted to you. It is at best kind of weird and at worst a super gross abuse of a power dynamic. 

You might remember when cricketer Chris Gayle decided that the best time to act on his lust for anchor and journo Mel McLaughlin was during a live interview. It was in fact, not the best time. It was actually probably much more geometrically approximate to the literal worst time. It’s a shit move.

While not quite as egregious, perhaps, it’s still awkward as shit to see ol’ mate Richard Branson answering a very straightforward question about when he’s finally getting into space with a meandering response that begins with “Darling,” and ends with a comment on Sarah Harris‘ outfit.

After telling the story of how he managed to buy the Virgin Islands for a fraction of the price that an apartment in Sydney costs (the bastard), Branson approached Harris’ question with the sort of flawless charm that only money can buy:

“Darling, when shall we go to the moon? The last time we met was in a hangar about 10 years ago and I can still remember, and look, she’s wearing… lady in red, she must have a crush on me.”

After everyone collectively lost their shit and either laughed or stammered through the next 20 seconds, Branson said Virgin Galactic would be gearing up at the end of this year / sometime next year.

Opinion on it was mixed:

You can watch the clip below and make up your own damn mind:

Source and photo: Channel 10.