Chris Gayle “Apologises” To Mel McLaughlin, Cops Blast From Cricket Aus

West Indian cricketer and prized Melbourne Renegades recruit Chris Gayle has issued an apology – albeit a thin one – for his conduct during a live TV interview with Mel McLaughlin during last night’s Big Bash League game in Hobart between the Renegades and the Hobart Hurricanes.

Speaking to media at Melbourne Airport this afternoon, Gayle was terse, standoffish, and keen to write the entire incident off as merely a joke that got blown out of proportion.
As the awaiting media throng waited for Gayle at baggage claim, the player turned to light-heartedly ask if any of them had three dollars as he purchased a bottle of water from a nearby coffee stand.
Gayle then fronted reporters and gave a short statement on the matter – brushing the whole incident off as little more than “crap happen,” and stating that if McLaughlin felt uncomfortable, then he was sorry.
“(It was) a simple joke that went out of proportion… There wasn’t anything meant to be disrespectful of offensive to Mel. If she felt that way, then I am sorry.”

“These things will happen. There wasn’t any harm done… Everybody thought it was a joke.”

“Just one of those things. Crap happen.”

Gayle’s statement ended abruptly when a female reporter then asked him to respond to reports that McLaughlin had told Channel Ten management that the exchange had made her feel uncomfortable and upset, to which Gayle responded “did she tell you that?” before ending the questioning and walking away.

A Melbourne Renegades team representative quickly stood in for Gayle to field additional questions and provide a statement on behalf of the franchise.
“On behalf of the franchise, we want to apologise to Mel, and hope that she didn’t feel uncomfortable in a professional environment. She’s a wonderful presenter, and she doesn’t deserve that.”

“In the coming days we’ll look at some sort of internal sanction.

When asked if Gayle’s behaviour could be a product of cultural differences between Australia and the Caribbean, he responded “It could be a cultural thing, but it’s unacceptable here in Australia and we don’t condone that.

Elsewhere, Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland put Gayle on blast for the incident.

Gayle remains with the side.

The Renegades next match is a return clash with cross-town rivals Melbourne Stars this coming Saturday, in a game that’s now expected to sell out the 50,000 seat Etihad Stadium in the wake of the 80,000 people who packed the MCG for the first game between the two sides this past weekend.
Photo: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images.