I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Cory Bernardi is an Easter Island statue animated to feel nothing but hate. 

Ostensibly he is a South Australian senator who claims to represent the “Australian majority”, but in practice is an unapologetic bigot who reckons the rest of Australia is as homophobic as he is, despite much evidence to the contrary.

Bernardi’s made it his mission to prove that the left are a vile, hateful bunch who seek to control people’s lives, which is hilariously ironic coming from one of Australia’s most outspoken opponents of same-sex marriage. In short, he’s a dickhead.

He’s also apparently a fan of the writing of Daryush Valizadeh AKA “Roosh V“, the owner of Return Of Kings, one of the most popular men’s rights activist / pick up artist websites:

The article is an embarrassingly long screed that spends what feels like a million words completely misunderstanding the idea of privilege and draws some astonishingly weird links between being progressive and being ripped:

“That leads to the question of why straight white males become a part of the SJW movement, since it would be similar to a Jewish person joining the Nazis. Most of these men are shy with low confidence and low muscle mass … The male sex drive is so strong that a man is willing to throw his entire race and sex under the bus in order to possibly fornicate with a woman.”

So, sure, let’s say he only agreed with some parts of the article and Bernardi himself isn’t an MRA / PUA weirdo supercreep, but it’s still pretty funny, because fellow weirdo supercreep Peter Dutton has previously denounced Roosh V and was intending to cancel Roosh’s visa until it came to light that he didn’t actually have one.

Roosh had been planning to come to Australia for a series of gross MRA meetups, but was met with nothing but outrage thanks to his incredibly shitty views on women, gay people and just, like, life in general. Like his suggestion that rape should be legalised. Yeah, great guy.

Copping lot a bit of flak for the tweet in quite a short amount of time, Bernardi posted a follow up:

Yeah sure mate, doesn’t mean you should go around posting snippets from Mein Kampf, it’s wildly inappropriate to give that misogynist fuckwad any sort of positive attention.

Cory, as Michael Beveridge so succinctly put it:

Photo: Facebook.