Wicked Liberal Lashes Out At Wickeder Liberal Starting A Fight Between 2 Evil Libs

concetta fierravanti-wells scott morrison

The Liberal girls are fighting. Looks like there was an extra bit of cash in the 2022 Budget for petty fkn beefs and in-fighting, ’cause the Liberals have it in spades. Buckle up friends, because it’s about to get real messy.

If you thought MAFS was a mess you haven’t seen anything yet. Senate speeches are the OG MAFS dinner parties, where bulk tea is spilt and everyone makes the verbal equivalent of smashing glasses.

Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells decided to smash about twenty proverbial glasses in the Upper House on Tuesday night. She absolutely unloaded on Scott Morrison in her speech calling him an “autocrat” and a “bully who has no moral compass” among other things.

“There is a very appropriate saying here — the fish stinks from the head,” she said.

She also claimed that Morrison had “destroyed the Liberal party” and was “not fit to be Prime Minister”, which is proof that her glasses do in fact work.

“In my public life, I have met ruthless people. Morrison tops the list followed closely by Hawke,” Fierravanti-Wells said.

Hawke being Alex Hawke, the Minister for Immigration who she also accused of “corrupt antics” further into her speech.

“Morrison is not interested in a rules-based order. It is his way or the highway.

“I have received hundreds if not thousands of emails outlining their disgust. They have lost faith in the party. They want to leave.

“They don’t like Morrison and they don’t trust him. They continue to despair at our prospects for the next federal election. And they blame Morrison for this. Our members do not want to help in the upcoming election. Morrison is not fit to be Prime Minister. And Hawke certainly is not fit to be a minister.”

So who the hell even is this woman going IN on Scott Morrison and should we be enamoured by her savage ways?

Concetta Fierravanti-Wells is definitely a character in the Liberal party. Despite her speech, we should not be jumping at the chance to call her a girlboss.

Fierravanti-Wells is a conservative. She’s one of the 12 fucko members of senate who voted against same-sex marriage legislation. Here’s a quote from her in 2012 (yes, she’s been around for donkey’s years).

‘‘I doubt that most people who are pushing these amendments are overly religious or even intend on staying in a monogamous relationship, which begs the question: why do they want to get married?’’

So yeah, huge broken clock is right twice a day energy. Garbage monster criticises larger garbage monster.

Fierravanti-Wells may have made claims about corruption and bullying, but recently she was effectively removed from the senate. So yeah, woman’s got an axe to grind.

To put it in brief terms, to get elected into the senate you need to get on your party’s ticket. The lower you are on the ticket, the less of a chance you have to get elected.

Miss Concetta Fierravanti-Wells was put extremely low, basically putting her in an unwinnable spot. Would explain why she’s coming out with all of this now.

Anyway, to hell with the Liberal party. They’re all just throwing daggers at each other but not a single one of them comes from a place of integrity.