Watch Conan O’Brien Absolutely Mangle An Attempt At The Aussie Accent

There is nothing on earth funnier than an American attempting to do an Australian accent. Doubly so if they try and stumble through our slang terms while doing so. If they royally fuck it all up in the process? Even better. And that genre might have a brand new high-water mark thanks to the dearly beloved Conan O’Brien.

[jwplayer biRmy4fP]

Those of you who can remember back a couple of months might remember that Conan was in Australia for a hot few days in February, prancing around, taking hangers with the Sydney Swans, and getting footage for an Australian version of his regular Conan Without Borders travel series.

That special airs in the US this afternoon, and Team Coco has begun drip-feeding highlights of his Australian trip out online.

During the trip Conan met with professional voice and dialect coach Gabrielle Rogers and tried to develop a decent Australian accent and a solid understanding of our lingo.

He ah… fell a bit short in both regards. It’s still an absolute pisser, but.

I know it’s being played for laughs but that accent attempt sounds like a raspy bull being pushed into an industrial stand mixer.

That said, any opportunity to spread the usefulness of the phrase “fuck me dead” over to the bloody Seppos is a good one, as far as I’m concerned.

All previous Conan Without Borders episodes are up on Netflix Australia right now. However there’s no word when the new local edition will be made available on there at this stage.