Conan O’Brien Took Aim At Sydney’s Bullshit Lockout Laws Last Night

Fair to say Conan O’Brien has been enjoying his time in Australia while he films an upcoming Conan In Australia special, but one curious annoyance he’s run into is Sydney’s absolute unhinged love of over-regulating night life. And he’s not exactly stoked on it.

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As part of his on-going visit O’Brien performed a special one-off Conan & His Australian Friends live show at the State Theatre in the heart of Sydney last night.

Along with a live band and appearances from local legends Steen RaskopolousBecky Lucas, and Rhys Nicholson, O’Brien spent a solid amount of time waxing lyrical about Australia, and Sydney’s lockout laws in particular.

Firstly, O’Brien rumbled us over the fact that weed isn’t legal here yet, even though “the United States is the most uptight place in the world and it’s legal there. The Vatican, it’s legal at the Vatican, but not in Australia.

But it was Sydney’s contentious lockout laws that were particularly confusing for Conan.

Like just about anyone else who’s attempted to go out in Sydney over the past few years, Conan could not make heads or tails of the lockouts.

No shots after midnight? Are you putting up with that?

That’s the one, that I saw and I thought “What is that?” You leave at 1:30 and you can’t get back in again. That law… I’ve been everywhere. That law doesn’t exist in any place. So I propose a solution that I’ve come up with, and I hope you name it after me: When it gets close to closing time, go to the bathroom, get in a stall, pull your feet up.

Whether or not being poo poo’d by a tenured US late night talk show host is enough for legislators to finally see the light on the issue remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure: Conan’s off it, just like each and every one of you.