Pls Enjoy This Footage Of A US Comedian Brilliantly Handling A Heckler Pegging A Beer At Her

american comedian heckler beer

An American comedian has gone viral online for putting a Trump-supporting heckler in their place during a set.

Comedian Ariel Elias was performing a stand-up set at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in New Jersey when a woman emerged from the murky depths from which she (probably) lives and heckled her, prompted by Elias asking if the audience had any questions.

“Did you vote for Donald Trump?” shouted the heckler. Always a sign that shit is about to go awry.

Elias, trying to add some humour to the situation, put the question back on the woman.

“Why would you ask me that in here knowing I’m the only Jew in this room? Are you trying to get me killed?”

This apparently wasn’t enough for our pro-cheesepuff villain, who continued to disrupt the show with her political nonsense.

“So you voted for Biden?” the heckler asked.

“I could just tell by your jokes that you voted for Biden.”

To this, Elias had the most perfect response: “I can tell by the fact that you’re still talking when nobody wants you to that you voted for Trump.”

Hell. YES. Now that’s a quickfire response.

Unfortunately for everyone with ears, however, this did not stop the heckler from continuing. The STUBBORNNESS of these Karens is something that must be studied.

“Nobody was telling me to stop!” she yelled, somehow assuming she was surrounded by people who loved the sound of her voice.

Elias then asked the crowd to make some noise if they wanted her to “shut up” and everyone cheered.

Moments later, Elias attempted to continue her set but had a can of beer chucked at her from a man (who was presumably with the heckler).

Thank sweet baby Jesus and the grown one too that it didn’t hit her because of the thrower’s drunk aim.

Like the absolute boss she is though, Elias decided to pick up the beer and scull it while the heckler and her company were escorted out. My favourite part is that you can hear a random guy loudly exclaiming how he’s “never” going to hang out with these people again. Guess the third wheel was the only good tyre?

Elias later confirmed on Twitter that the club pressed charges against the guy who threw the beer and also booked her to return.

We love a bloody good ending.