Deranged Turtle Joe Rogan Mistook An Aus Comedy Skit For ‘Propaganda’ & Shared It W/ 13M People

joe rogan

Joe Rogan has shared an ad from Gruen, a satirical comedy show, in an attempt to somehow prove that our political propaganda is getting out of hand. Let that sentence marinate your noggin for a sec.

Before we begin, let me just say, I do not want to poke the bear and send the Roganites after me. I am a simple messenger who is merely alerting you all to a brand new viral challenge: the Joe Rogan shut the fuck up challenge. We should all attempt this challenge, especially, Joe Rogan.

Now, on to the fuckery.

Today, Joe Rogan, who currently has the most downloaded podcast in the world and delights in sipping on the sweet nectars of Ivermectin (and other internet-prescribed remedies), shared a clip from Gruen, thinking it was an actual ad shown across televisions in Australia.

He was trying to make a point (I think) about our “absolute dumbest” propaganda, but clearly didn’t realise until much later, that he was playing the absolute dummy.

He has since edited the comment to clarify that he now knows that this is a satirical ad, but for a moment there Mr Rogan really decided to pop off over something that’s pure comedy. You have to laugh.

“Not only has Australia had the worst reaction to the pandemic with dystopian, police-state measures that are truly inconceivable to the rest of the civilized world, but they also have the absolute dumbest propaganda,” Rogan wrote to his 13.4M followers.

Rogan has an odd history with Australia, going on rants about how we’re a “police state” with a “crazy” response to the global pandemic.

“There’s some crazy shit going on right now where the army is trying to keep people inside in Australia,” Rogan said to North Korean defector Yeonmi Park.

“They have full-on government lockdowns where the government is flying helicopters over the streets (and telling people) ‘go back indoors, you’re not allowed to be outside’, which is crazy.”

I could sit here and talk about how the U.S. has over 746K COVID deaths and Australia has just over one thousand, but bringing up the statistics won’t matter to people who are convinced they are flawlessly correct.

All I ask is that Joe Rogan, whose ‘radical’ thoughts and opinions are no more special or unique than anyone else’s, keeps his nose out of Australian affairs, which he clearly doesn’t understand.

His influence and chokehold on American citizens is dumbfounding, and the violent repercussions that one man’s thoughts and opinions can have on an entire nation are truly wild to witness.

We may not have done things perfectly over here, but the last thing we need is the opinion of a miseducated and frankly over-glorified bald American man. Hell, we already have Craig Kelly trying his best to fit that bill.