Let his proclamation ring out across the land: Clive Palmer does not like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. At all. So anyone thinking of nominating him can forget it. In the immortal words of Jojo: “Get out! (Leave!) Right now! It’s the end of you and me!

It doesn’t take much for Clive to huff and puff and walk off the set of a TV interview these days. Ask a question he doesn’t really like? Gone. Pry a little bit too far into his allegedly shonky financial practices? Sayonara. Prepare an ice bucket to surprise him with during a live cross in which one of his party’s senators was doing something similar? Adios!

Moments before participating in a live cross on The Project, Big Clive had had enough of this Ice Bucket nonsense, and stormed off of the set, kicking over a bucket of ice water in the process. The planned segment (which still went ahead) featured Palmer United Party senator and noted bratwurst enthusiast Jacqui Lambie completing her Ice Bucket challenge duties whilst standing on the hill of Parliament House wearing an “I Heart Tassie” shirt, because she’s the national hero we all deserve.

As Palmer walked away from the proceedings towards his car, reporters asked why he left, to which he responded “I just don’t like the Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s my business. See you later.” And when asked if he thought that they were going to tip a bucket of water on him, he reacted with a rather indignant “No.

What the second bucket of ice water was doing there in the first place remains to be seen. But the bottom line is that we’ve apparently seen our final Clive Palmer appearance on The Project. Which is a shame, because the number of right-wing politicians left to buddy up to Steve Price seems to be dwindling by the day.

Still, onya Jacqui Lambie, you frosty legend.

Now that politicians – statistically the least cool people on the planet – are getting on board, maybe now we’ll be able to put a freeze on this whole Ice Bucket Challenge thing. Just a thought.

Photo: Stefan Postles via Getty Images.