Clinton And Trump Dominate Yugely In New York Presidential Primaries

The New York primaries are always a big deal in a U.S. presidential race, because – hey – there’s a lotta people in New Yawk. Potentially crushing the dreams of hopefuls Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, both Trump and Clinton have won large, with Trump’s victory confirmed and Clinton’s projected to be a big one once votes are counted.

Yowza! This has been particularly disheartening for fans of Vermont socialist grandpa Sanders, who has captured a lot of attention with his populist message against banks, billionaires and the worst excesses of capitalism. He’s copped a run of victories, so fans had high hopes, but it was not to be. He’ll be hoping for a close one when the votes are all tallied.
Meanwhile, Trump is still cruising along in number one place, ahead of Cruz and distant third contender John Kasich. The big deal for Trump is whether he can secure the 1,237 delegates necessary to nail the nomination outright. If he doesn’t, it’ll go to the Republican Convention and there are a lot of people in the party who don’t want him to win.
Just know: if this ends up the way it’s looking – a Trump vs. Clinton brawl for the top job – this is going to be a hell of a ride. Even our own completely bizarro political existence right now could not even hope to compare to this shitfight.
Source: New York Post.
Photo: Getty Images / Brendan Smialowski.