Christmas-Ruiners Coles Apologise For Delivery Failure With $100 Credit

Once upon a time, I bit into a dodgy kebab only to find that the chicken meat inside was raw. After taking it back to the shop in disgust, they apologised and offered me a replacement from what was clearly the same bain marie of raw chicken meat.
The reason I bring this up is because Coles have this week attempted to apologise for the Christmas-ruining failure of their online store by giving some angry customers $100-worth of credit to use in their online store.

Over Christmas, Coles and its major supermarket rival Woolies copped the wrath of consumers when online shoppers across NSW, Victoria and Tasmania were left without key items from their orders.
Some customers received last-minute emails saying that hams, turkeys, gravy and various other items were out of stock, others received substitutions and a few were delivered grocery parcels with items missing entirely.
This week, some affected customers have said that they received an email from Coles, saying:
“Whilst we know there is no way we can adequately make up for the incomplete delivery you received at this very busy time, we would like to apologise by providing you with a credit of $100 for your next Coles Online shop.”
A representative for Coles said that the supermarket chain had taken calls from short-supplied customers, and had variously offered apologies, gift cards, refunds and product exchanges. 
A Woolies rep was more circumspect, and said that most customers who ordered online got what they paid for, and that the supermarket always offers apologies when orders are goofed up.

Story: The West Australian

Photo: Coles