Anarchy Expected As Coles Appears Set To Revive ‘Little Shop’ For Christmas

With the dust barely settled since the last time Coles sent collectors into an absolute frenzy over a range of tiny versions of ordinary supermarket items, the supermarket giant seems set to poke the hornet’s nest again by reviving their Little Shop phenomena just in time for Christmas.

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Leaked internal memos circulating on social media today seem to indicate the supermarket chain is poised to launch a seasonal Christmas revival of the insanely popular minis range, promising a reduced range of 5 likely Christmas-themed products to collect whenever punters spend $30 or more at the till.

While it’s not confirmed to be a direct reaction, it’s certainly no coincidence that Coles would launch a Yuletide Little Shop line in the immediate aftermath of Woolworths attempting to get on board the craze with their own line of festive collectibles, which hit stores nationwide two weeks ago.

Coles have outwardly remained coy about the memo today, but has issued statements to various media outlets via a spokesperson simply asserting “All I am able to say at this stage is that Santa never gives away his secrets.” Which when translated from PR back into English more or less reads “it’ll be out by December 1st or there abouts, probs.”

The initial release of Little Shop sent punters into an absolute frenzy, spawning hugely populated Facebook swap groups and IRL swap meets attended by throngs of people desperate to complete their collections.

No doubt any potential Christmas range of the tiny things will have a similar effect.