Coles Is Selling A Giant Ferrero Rocher Cake For Christmas & I Need To Devour It Immediately

ferrero rocher

Don’t freak out but Coles is flogging a giant Ferrero Rocher for Christmas and okay, maybe you can freak out *just* a little.

Christmas is going to be a little different this year, but at least we can all enjoy a tasty bite of the big Ferrero Rocher, as a little treat.

I don’t know about you, but Ferrero Rochers are a Christmas essential in my household, and the thought of being able to fill my guts with the Big Boy™ is truly what dreams are made of.

The giant ball of chocolatey goodness is part of the new Coles Christmas range, which has a whopping 275 new products to try.

Coles is slinging Tasmanian salmon roasts and Christmas-themed sausage rolls as part of the range, but nothing quite tickles my fancy like the giant Ferrero Rocher.

I mean, it’s a GIANT! FERERRO! ROCHER!

Iconic. Love this. Love her. Love, love love.

Okay, it’s not *technically* a giant Fererro Rocher, but it’s a hazelnut mousse centre, with a brownie base, covered in Belgian chocolate and hazelnuts. So basically, giant Ferrero Rocher, baby.

“It’s basically like an enormous Ferrero Rocher in chilled dessert form,” Coles Christmas ambassador Courtney Roulston told

The cake will set you back $28, but feeds 10 people (or two people who want a LOT of leftovers).

If cake isn’t really your thing, Coles is also selling Rudolph Macaron Kits, that let you decorate chocolate macarons with pretzels and decorations to look like a little reindeer. Adorable, I know.

Christmas is a big ol’ work in progress this year, with perhaps more families spending the festive season apart than ever before. But at least we can all get our grubby mitts on a slice of giant Fererro Rocher over Zoom Christmas lunch, if you can’t get home for the holidays.