Chris Pratt Owned Up To A Major Gaffe & It Just Made Us Love Him Even More

Chris Pratt, hunky movie star, husband of comedy angel Anna Faris and loveable doofus, has gone and made another boo-boo. This time he gave an interview to Men’s Health in which he suggested that he’d like to see more Hollywood movies representing “blue collar America.
In case you’ve been living under a log for the last fifty years, here is a small selection of little-known films that are definitely, one hundred percent, inarguably about blue collar America:
…you get the idea.
It was, objectively, a pretty dumb thing to say. And people noticed. 

But unusually for this kind of public gaffe, one of the people who noticed was Chris Pratt himself.

What’s this? A celebrity stuffing up, and then using their sizeable platform to execute a graceful mea culpa, rather than doubling down, crying fake news or getting in a snit?
Say it with me, folks: MORE OF THIS. 
love u Andy

Source: Twitter.
Image: Michael Tran / Getty.