Attn True Crime Weirdos: Teacher’s Pet Will Be Available To Aussies Again After 3 Long Years

the teacher's pet will return to australian podcast platforms

Ex-school teacher Chris Dawson has been formally found guilty of the murder of his wife Lynette Dawson, who disappeared from Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 1982. But now the murder trial is officially over, what happens next? And will The Teacher’s Pet podcast — which was first published in 2018 and investigated Lyn’s disappearance — be put back online?

Here’s what we know so far.

When will The Teacher’s Pet be available again?

Official messaging on podcast providers currently says the show is unavailable due to the “ongoing court case”. But The Australian — the podcast’s publisher — has confirmed the show will be available to Australian listeners again on September 3.

The show was taken off air in 2019 ‘cos of legal reasons. But now Chris Dawson has been found guilty of Lyn’s murder, it’ll finally be re-uploaded. The show is being edited to remove legally sensitive content ‘cos Dawson is also facing a criminal charge of “carnal knowledge”.

The Teacher’s Pet will be re-released over the course of eight weeks. Eps will drop on Saturdays and Wednesday so alas there’ll be no chance of binge-listening. According to The Aus, the podcast will be available to people who subscribe to its app, as well as to The Courier MailDaily Telegraph, Herald Sun or The Advertiser apps.

There’s also a second podcast called The Teacher’s Trial, which is available on most podcast platforms. It followed each week of the murder trial if you’re interested in the case.

What will happen next to Chris Dawson?

After Justice Ian Harrison found Dawson guilty of murder, he was taken into custody. According to 9News, Dawson was taken to Silverwater Jail before his sentencing. His sentencing date is set for November 11 this year. reported that Dawson’s lawyer, Greg Walsh, did not apply for bail on Thursday. However, he did ask the judge for a protective order because of all the death threats Dawson has been subject to in jail.

Will Chris Dawson appeal?

Walsh also commented on the possibility of an appeal outside the court on Tuesday.

“I can confirm that it’s probable of course that [Chris Dawson] will appeal against his conviction,” Walsh said, according to the ABC.

He confirmed that Dawson “has always asserted, and he still does, his absolute innocence of the crime of which he’s been convicted”.

What are Lyn Dawson’s family’s hopes for the case?

As for Lyn Dawson’s family, they’re calling for Dawson to give up the location of Lyn’s body, which has never been found.

“She’s still missing. We still need to bring her home,” Lyn’s brother Greg Simms said, per the ABC.

“We would ask Chris also to find it in himself, to allow us to bring her home for a peaceful rest.”

Simms also described the verdict as being “for Lyn”.

The Teacher’s Pet host Hedley Thomas told Today that the day of the guilty verdict was “an extraordinary day”.

I felt enormous relief, and almost a sense that, for Lyn’s family and friends, really good friends on the Northern Beaches, her brother, Greg, and sister Pat, and all the other extended family members who’d been campaigning and trying for so long, they could start to get on with their lives,” he said.