Chris Dawson Has Requested Protection After He Received Death Threats From Fellow Prisoners

chris dawson requests protection after death threats from inmates over murder of his wife Lynette Dawson

Former Sydney school teacher Chris Dawson, who was found guilty of murdering his wife Lynette Dawson earlier this week, has been the subject of death threats in jail as he awaits his sentence.

Dawson was taken to Silverwater Jail on Tuesday after his guilty verdict. He appeared in front of the NSW Supreme Court again on Thursday where it was expected he would apply for bail, but his lawyer Greg Walsh revealed he didn’t.

Instead, Walsh asked Justice Ian Harrison (who delivered the guilty verdict) to order corrective services authorities to “protect” Dawson because of death threats he received in the two days he’s been in custody.

“It’s expected and he’s been subject to serious death threats by a number of prisoners,” Walsh said outside of court, per

“It’s not unusual having regard to his profile and the charge he’s been convicted of.

“So he’s on non-association so he’s under strict protection at the moment.”

ICYMI, Lyn went missing in 1982, and was last heard from by her family on Friday January 8. It took Chris six weeks to report his wife as missing. Her body was never found.

NSW Supreme Court Justice Ian Harrison ruled Lynette Dawson (known as Lyn) had “died on or around 8 January 1982”. He dismissed claims she was still alive.

He accepted Chris Dawson had formed a motive to kill his wife so he could continue the inappropriate relationship he had formed with a Year 11 student in his class at Cromer High. She was 16 at the time the relationship began in 1980.

Justice Harrison found Dawson’s behaviour after Lyn’s disappearance hinted at “evidence of consciousness of guilt”. He said to Dawson: “you did murder Lynette Dawson. I find you guilty.”

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