Chickens Forced To Cross The Road After Truck Spills ‘Em All In Perth

Here are the three most common thoughts the average Australian (read: your humble narrator) has upon sight of a commercial chicken truck:

  1. Will I be able to hold my breath for the duration of this vehicle’s smelly presence in my life?
  2. If all the chooks flap their wings at the same time, would the truck achieve lift-off?
  3. What’d happen if its feathery passengers were randomly loosed on the street?

Friends, today we received the answer to that last scenario: traffic mayhem.  

Police were forced to close a lane after a truck containing pallets of live chooks accidentally let its clucking cargo loose in the Perth suburb of Ellenbrook.

While 7 News reporter Blake Johnson said many of the animals died during the incident, a council spokesperson told Fairfax that no dead chooks had been found on the scene this afternoon. 

We’ll cling to that shred of hope, ’cause the image of hundreds of very-much-alive chooks scampering off into the bush is stirring on a deeply metaphorical level. 

That same spokesperson also said “there was no evidence of foul play,” because of course. Hell, even the police cracked a funny:

As it stands, Fairfax reports the chooks have all been recovered. Maybe next time, guys. 

Source: PerthNow / Brisbane Times. 
Photo: Twitter.