Innocent Yet Filthy Bin Chooks To Be Gunned Down For Safety Reasons In Perth

Regardless of how you see the Australian white ibis, either as a dreaded filthmonger from hell or as a shunned yet beautiful winged beast, we can probably all agree they don’t deserve to be brutally murdered in a hail of bullets.

This, but with like birds.

Unfortunately that’s exactly the fate facing 100 bin chooks who have set up shop near Perth Airport after the birds were deemed a safety risk. Bird strikes on aircraft can have serious consequences such as the infamous 2009 incident where a plane was forced to land in New York’s Hudson river after two seperate strikes.

Appaz the number of ibis at the nearby Red Hill Waste Management Facility (because of course that’s where they are, the fkn grot magnets), has increased so dramatically that the incidences of recent bird strikes on passing planes has become unacceptable.

Perth’s East Metropolitan Regional Council has been given licence to straight up fucking gundown 100 tip turkeys from Monday.

RIP, I guess. Like, you guys kinda suck heaps but death by gunfire sure isn’t a great way to go.