Check Out Street Artist Fintan Magee’s Amazing New Project ‘Man Bites Dog’

One of the good things to come out of times of conservative Government is the impetus for the progressive creative community to push back against it. Great rock albums are often borne from tough times. Societal hardship often yields superb writing. And, in times such as this, above average visual art is more likely to appear.

Australian street artist Fintan Magee is normally found painting incredible murals on walls across the world. But for his latest project, he chose to go outside his usual comfort zone and create a multimedia installation that, funnily enough, provides a commentary on the nation’s media landscape.
With one target in particular, The Daily Telegraph, Magee set about creating a piece that incorporates what he sees as the ability of News Corp to inflame many to suit the agenda of the one lone man.
The resulting piece, entitled “Man Bites Dog,” featured a meticulously painted mural – Magee’s trademark – and a life-sized wire sculpture of a man that was filled to the brim with copies of The Daily Tele, which was subsequently set alight.
Originally installed in an abandoned warehouse in Alexandria, the resulting video piece will be featured as part of the PROTEST group exhibition at Canberra‘s M16 Art Space on Thursday, March 26th.
Check out Man Bites Dog in full, glorious action below.