14 Globetrotting Instagrammers To Follow If You Get Tingly Over Travel

PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Microsoft Surface to help y’all hustle with their new Surface Pro and Surface Book (the devices that do more – just like you can). How? We’ve called upon some creative business peeps – Pip Edwards, Fintan Magee and Jarrad Seng – about what really goes on Beneath The Surface of their trailblazing careers. Hopefully it’ll slap some inspo into your entrepreneurial soul. Get around it here.

The ‘gram can be a bit same same, tedious and flat-out cringe, but the offensively beautiful inspo for young and wannabe-seasoned travellers? Not so cringe. As someone who sits firmly on my behind all day, every day, I think I can speak for many in saying that a little globetrotting nudge never goes astray. 

So, with that being said, feel free to go through your Instas and delete all the senseless stuff (like, does Kylie Jenner‘s $5K jumpsuit really serve a purpose in your feed?) and replace it with these A+ travel grams.


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Mitch and his girlfriend Cleo are caravan-ing around documenting it and I am very jealous because a) I need a boyfriend to take photos for my gram so I can make money off brands, b) I need a boyfriend full stop and c) I’ve always wanted to travel around Australia (preferably in a Winnebago but I’ll take what I can get).


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After a bit of thought (and scrolling), it’s now apparent that Cleo’s Insta is just as good, if not better than Mitch’s, and also deserves a spot on the list. This may or may not be because Mitch takes the money shots, which I say based purely off the photo emoji accompanied by his name in like, alot of her posts. They’re really living the life aren’t they. 


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You know one of the best things about following a full-blown photographer? There’s not some sad Instagram husband/wife constantly being asked to take pictures as part of someone else’s Instagram venture, and that’s a really rare and lovely thing to come across in this world. Jarrad Seng‘s photos are TO DIE, and we spoke to him about he’s managed to turn his passion into a profession which you can check out below:

*Adobe products sold separately.

You can find out more here on how Jarrad uses his Microsoft Surface Book to edit his pictures on the go – no matter where his travels take him. Next in our Beneath The Surface series with Microsoft we’re interviewing muralist Fintan Magee – keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks.


This Insta is the kind that makes you reassess whether winter actually is all that bad. As someone who detests the cold with all of her heart, that’s really saying something, but tbh I really just want to see this girl crack a million followers. She’ll be nearing Selena Gomez‘ 111 million in no time. Surely.


Well looky here. This Instagram is a beautiful place to REFLECT.

Real talk though: Sasha’s Insta feels a lot more achievable than the others (translate: she’s not a model engaged to a photographer who’s also a fashion blogger who also tags a bunch of brands in her posts). She’s just being Miley, you know, except she’s being Sasha.


You might be familiar with the concept of a honeymoon period, but this Instagram spits that one out for you in visual form. Recently married Adrian + Linda travel everywhere from Australia’s most pristine beachy hotspots to the Philippines, Bali and beyond. Adrian’s also Swedish and matches his wifey in offensively good looks, so get that into ya feed.


You might remember Tyson Mayr from his lil’ stint on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, and for that I’m sorry. I didn’t watch it, but I imagine it detracted from what he should be known for which is his travels. I say this literally: he’s been everywhere, man.


Brooke’s 24 and prides herself on living out of a suitcase with a desire to see the world. She’s clearly not from ’round here because lol if an inner-city 20-something could afford a new kettle let alone an international flight. One can dream though, right? That’s the only reason I’m following her, for example.


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The blogger who reigned supreme before any other blogger reigned supreme, Jessica Stein, is one to follow for her world wanders alone. She’s just announced she’s pregnant, so forgive her if the globe trotting comes to a halt. Regardless, think of her gram as as a timeless travel inspiration board.


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This dude is worth following because even though he’s hot, he doesn’t spend his whole Instagram life trying to prove that. What do I mean by that? His ‘gram isn’t just a string of selfies.


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I cannot even deal with this Instagram. Like what the actual? It’s messed up in the best kind of way. 


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You know what, I quite like Emma Lucey’s vibe. Because of her I’ll think twice before wearing my three-day-old, unwashed muumuu when visiting the Eiffel Tower and ruining a potentially A+ photo with my deplorable fashion choices. #OneShot #OneOpportunity. You know your stuff, Emma Lucey.


Director + photographer Justin Bastien is good at reminding us it’s not just about seeing the sights but experiencing them too. It might not look like it above, but there’s also a bunch of thrill-seeking travels on his Insta, check it.


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There’s something v. zen about Alex Padovani’s Insta. Whether she’s lakeside, beachside or canyon-side, we want our lives to be just as chill as hers.

Alright, do you feel sufficiently motivated to get out there and travel the world?


Then my work here is done.

If you wanna smash goals while you’re on the go, set yourself up with a tool that can do more, just like you, with the Microsoft Surface Book here. We’ll be profiling another creative trailblazer – muralist Fintan Magee – who’s turned their passion into a biz as part of our Beneath the Surface partnership, so keep an eye out.

Photo: Instagram / @doyoutravel.