Cadbury Reduces Size Of Creme Egg Packs, But Keeps The Price The Same

With Easter already on the horizon, stores have not exactly been slouching in the stocking of cocoa-based ovular delicacies. And whilst some people lament at this early onset of retail fanaticism, others are rejoicing at the annual and arbitrary return of some of their favourite treats (honestly, the fact that Hot Cross Buns aren’t available year round is batshit ludicrous to me).

However, all is not well in the world of confectionary. Following in the footsteps of the national tragedy that was the reduction in size of the Killer Python comes this latest affront to all things tasty and good.
Supreme chocolate overlords Cadbury have quietly reduced the size of the packaging that their much coveted Creme Eggs will be sold in, without also lowering the price on the shelf.
The factory’s UK arm has quietly begun shipping the season’s batch of creamy deliciousness in boxes of five, one down from the previously sold six packs.
To make matters worse, consumers have noticed the shift in quantity has been accompanied by no noticeable reduction in price. British consumers have already begun voicing their displeasure at the move, taking to the usual social media channels to vent their fury at the move.
Whilst on paper, it might seem like a fairly mundane, typical move by a business searching for that ever-elusive balance between efficiency and profitability – something we’ve all seen countless times before – a more alarmist and accurate assessment would be to state that it’s a clear affront to a loyal consumer base by a cold conglomerate aiming to punch joy in the balls in order to drive people further into their brutal, unyielding arms.
Despair sells, kids.
It’s not clear at this stage whether the product reduction will flow down to Australian markets.
The only thing that’s for certain at this stage is that this is absolutely, completely, unequivocally…
not a yolk.