There Are Calls To Ban All Dogs From Bunnings After An Unleashed Pit Bull Killed A Pup In-Store

bunnings dogs

Bunnings Warehouse is facing calls to ban dogs from the store after a “traumatic” dog-on-dog attack over the weekend.

The calls come after an unrestrained pit bull fatally attacked a smaller dog in the store’s garden section on Sunday afternoon.

The smaller dog was rushed to an emergency vet following the incident but sadly succumbed to its injuries soon after.

According to the policy listed on the Bunnings website, dogs are welcome in store but must be friendy, “secured safely in a vehicle, on a lead and wearing a muzzle, or carried” to prevent these sorts of incidents from happening.

The store has reportedly been in touch with the dog’s owner to offer support in what must be a traumatic time.

“Our team reminded the owner of our store guidelines before they entered the store,” Bunnings Area Manager Patrick Blair told 7 News.

“We have been in touch with the other owner to offer support and our thoughts are with them.

“We thank our team for the calm and professional way that they handled the situation.”

Following the incident, Bunnings has been working closely with the Brisbane City Council to resolve the issue.

“Pet owners must show responsibility, and we expect all owners to ensure their animal is under effective control at all times when in public and at home,” Councillor Kim Marx said, according to

“The State Government’s Animal Management Act outlines what action Council can take following an investigation into an incident.”

Bunnings is yet to comment on whether or not they will change their dog-friendly policy following the attack.